LILA LOVES IT are convinced of the power of science and medical knowledge in the field of natural products. The safety and efficacy comes first. Based in Munich, explore, develop and produce them since 2013 quality animal care products, suitable for all breeds. 

Place the ingredients in our line open to the strict rules of Make-regulation, which are so far only prescribed for humans. Finally, you should know as a consumer, what you apply to your pet. Details about the ingredients used can be found on the detail pages of products.

Each product conforms to the same requirements to be met by medical skin care products for men in terms of quality, ease of use and compatibility.

Of course LILA LOVES IT waive parabens, artificial fragrances and any irritating ingredients.

Of course on animal experiments.

  • The quality guarantee

LILA LOVES IT make sure that the products are manufactured to the highest quality criteria that are required in the cosmetics safety regulation for people. Resident research, develop and produce them in Munich under cleanroom conditions the highest quality products - under constant supervision of pharmacists. So LILA LOVES IT meets the requirements of effective and gentle dog grooming. Following the artisanal care of a factory they use only ultrapure water is absolutely sterile. Obtained by gentle steam distillation essential organic oils they achieve the required quality of LILA LOVES IT. The hyaluronic acid used is highly purified and thus free of any allergenic ingredients.

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