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In Löwenherz Hundeshop you get everything you need for your four-legged friends: chic collars for dogs, special dog clothes, cuddly dog beds, comfortable dog tote bags and of course the matching leash - even for very strong dogs. You will find diverse dog accessories that is not only practical, but also seen trendy makes an excellent figure.
"Pure chic", "TG&L" or "The mountains are calling" - these product names to make you curious? Exclusive dog collars we offer you online in a varied selection. Browse through our modern collection and be inspired! Whether with sparkling applications, integrated cowhide or pure elegance with floral print - fancy dog ​​collars can be ordered from us at fair prices and attractive delivery conditions.

Masai dog collar embroidered with beads - a real eye-catcher

A special highlight of our program is the kenyan dog leather collar-series "Out of Africa". Each Masai dog collar of "Out of Africa" ​​collection is provided with an elaborate beadwork. This unique fashionable dog accessories are lovingly handmade by Masai women in Kenya.

Cozy dog ​​bed - round or rectangular

In a dog bed with dog pillow to your favorite can snuggle relaxed and completely comfortable. Spoil him with a super comfy pad, order your facilities Löwenherz Hundeshop! Whether round or rectangular shaped prefer your new dog bed, carefully selected by us sleeping quarters feature all of excellent quality, solid materials and enchanting materials.

Fancy dog ​​collars can be purchased from us for different breeds. Even when you consider especially after pug or dachshund accessories, you will find it here. Take some time and go on an expedition in the set up by us specifically for pug dog and dachshund shop categories!

For questions about our products, please leave us a message using the contact form on our website. If you hereby give your telephone number and we will call you back!

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